Virtual Class Schedule ——— (CoronaVirus Updates 2020-04-21)

April 21: Virtual classes continue

Please see the April 3 entry for the schedule times.

April 3 – 5:00 PM – Virtual Tai Chi, Info on Merlino Meditators, Going Guided

Virtual Tai Chi: Because of Jeffrey’s acumen and efforts, the Tai Chi and Qigong Wellness Center will be offering four donation based virtual classes starting this coming week — April 6-11. 

Since we do not yet accept credit cards but can still access the Post Office building, please mail donations to our Post Office Box:

Tai Chi Center
P.O. Box 7089
Tacoma, WA 98417

Classes begin Monday, April 6th and will be offered through Google Meet. Each class has a different link associated with it and is listed under the class description. In order to sign up you will need a Google account. Please email Jeffrey directly at <> if you have any questions or difficulties with the new format.

1. Monday 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Buddhist Qigong
Here, we will cover a Tibetan Style of Qigong that is very similar in some ways to the Buddha Tai Chi Form. It serves a similar end as that form but it takes much less room to practice and so can be taught using a static camera. Those of you familiar to Buddha Tai Chi will recognize some of the movements.

To join the video meeting, click this link: . Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 413-351-3039 and enter this PIN: 723 704 787#

2. Wednesday 5pm-6:00pm: Foundational Tai Chi
We will use one or two short Tai Chi patterns to focus on the fundamentals and foundations of Tai Chi. Possible topics include focusing the mind, principles of stance and posture, mindful breath practices, the relationship between looseness and structure, etc…

To join the video meeting, click this link: . Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 337-350-3523 and enter this PIN: 920 482 780#

3. Saturday 10:30pm – 11:30pm: Intermediate 108
This class will include standing meditation time followed by Q & A with repetition after discussion. For example, we could cover transitions in and out of a particular posture and explore the possibilities, or could cover ways to play with the form with modified stepping. It’ll be an adventure through the great sea of possibilities that is the long form!

To join the video meeting, click this link: Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 928-719-7631 and enter this PIN: 210 419 174#

4. Saturday 12pm – 1pm: 24-Posture Form
In this class, similar to the Intermediate 108 structure, we will work on each section of the form one-by-one and discuss or break them down as needed. Topics may include breath patterns through the form, ways to adapt your stepping to the confines of the space, transitions in and out of particular postures, etc…

To join the video meeting, click this link: Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 304-503-3577 and enter this PIN: 664 185 523#


 Going Guided: Holistic Movement

Merlino Meditators

In order to comply with the social distancing requirement, the Merlino Meditators have temporarily suspended weekly gatherings. For the time being, they receive practice suggestions or dharma articles from the instructor each week. Anyone interested in learning more about our meditation sessions or wishing to receive these weekly dharma messages can email Callista at We will return to our regular Tuesday evening meditation sessions once the social distancing requirement has been lifted.


March 24 – 12:00 PM:

In keeping with Governor Inslee’s statewide stay-at-home order the Tai Chi and Qigong Wellness Center is canceling the first block of Spring Classes and all practice sessions. The classes were scheduled to run from April 7 to May 9.

We are looking into the possibility of offering online practice sessions. For now, interested students should contact their teacher for their plans about his or her class. We will also post available online meetings on our “Updates” web page if and when they become available.

We will continue to monitor the State and CDC best practices in the hopes of reinstating classes or holding practice sessions in Wright Park where keeping a 6 foot personal space is easier to do.

March 12 – 5:30 PM:

At this point we do not know when we will restart classes but we will occasionally post COVID-19 status here as it becomes available from the CDC, State Health Department, and other sources.