Standard 24 Form

  • Standard 24 Form video (6 minute video from the makutaichi youtube channel). Maku’s demonstration is very similar to the way we practice the Standard 24 Form.

Yang Style 108 Form


  • Five Animal Qigong instructional video (46 minute youtube video). This video is in Chinese, but the visuals are clear even without the language. The parts in black and white are what not to do. The video begins with history and backaground, and then the detailed instruction starts at 6:51. A demonstration of the full form starts at 32:10. The way we practice the form is very similar to the way they demonstrate it.
  • Five Animal Qigong demonstration video (13 minute video from the Sam Thorpe youtube channel). When we do Monkey we step to the side whereas this woman steps diagonally back, and we strive to be much more “monkeylike” energetically. Almost everything else she does is a match for how we practice this.


  • The Lau Sui Taijiquan website has audio recordings of how to pronounce many tai chi terms in Chinese.
  • An overview of established health benefits of Tai Chi is given in this Harvard Women’s Health article, which was originally published in 2009 but has been updated as recently as 2015.
  • This article from the Berkeley Wellness Letter (March 23, 2016) gives an overview of research on the health benefits of tai chi and yoga.
  • Here is a video of two women playing the pipa (5 minute youtube video), a Chinese musical instrument.
    Both the Standard 24 Form and the Yang Style Long Form include the posture play the pipa, often translated as play the lute or play the guitar.
  • Here is a video of a woman weaving (30 second youtube video), which may give an indication of where the work at shuttles posture in the Standard 24 Form and the Yang Style Long Form gets its name. Unfortunately you can’t see the woman’s left arm very well in the video, but it’s clear how she is using it to move the bar.