Lily Qin, a disciple of Master Lin Mogen, founded the Center in 1993. She has studied extensively with Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong masters in China, and has taught both in China and in the United States, focusing on treating stress-related illness and promoting healthy life style changes through exercises and self care.

The Center offers the traditional Yang family Tai Chi pattern under the auspices of Master Lin Mogen, a fifth generation exponent of Yang family Tai Chi. Master Lin learned from Li Yaxuan who learned from Yang Chengfu who learned from Yang Jian Hou, who learned from Yang Lu Chan the founder of Yang style Tai Chi.


Bryan Smith, who is trained in Standard Chinese Tai Chi Chuan and in the Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Pattern, has studied with Sifu Lily Qin for well over ten years and serves as the lead teacher of the Center.

Instructors Dianne Frothingham, Sid Olufs, Shelley Skinner,, Kat Wood, Bobbi Youtcheff have studied with Sifu Lily Qin for years and are certified by her. They also are trained in Standard Chinese Tai Chi Chuan and in the Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Pattern.

Board of Directors

The Tai Chi and Qigong Wellness Center is a membership organization with an elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is:

  • James Bernhard
  • Sid Olufs
  • Shelley Skinner
  • Bryan Smith
  • Chee Tung
  • Kat Wood


All students enrolled in classes offered by the Center become members of the Center for the year in which they take a class (or several classes). The Center holds a membership meeting annually in conjunction with the annual Chinese New Year celebration. At this meeting members deliberate policies for the Center as well as select the Board members.