What we offer

Tai Chi Classes

Standard 24 (Beginning)

This course offers basic fundamentals of Tai Chi and introduces the Simplified Standard Pattern over a period of two four or five-week blocks. It is appropriate for beginning students, as well as for those who wish to refine their understanding of this pattern, or for those who have some Tai Chi Chuan experience but have never learned this popular pattern. It is an ideal choice for someone planning a visit to China: you will be able to easily join in early morning Tai Chi practice in the parks in any Chinese city.

Intermediate 24

This course is intended for those who have a basic knowledge of the 24-form and would like to  continue to refine their skills but students enrolled in a Beginning 24 class are welcome to observe and participate in the Intermediate 24 class.

Tai Chi for Health

A beginning level class in Tai Chi Chuan focusing on health aspects of practicing Tai Chi. Participants will be introduced to the Standard 24 Posture Tai Chi pattern practiced throughout the world. The postures are taught in a careful and easy-to-learn manner with emphasis on gentle, slow, relaxed movement. The class is designed for adults interested in a movement practice that enhances relaxation, improves balance, reduces stress, and builds confidence. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Open to beginning and continuing students.

Yang Style Long Form

This course covers the traditional Yang Style Long Form in nine months, beginning in the Fall. Instruction focuses on building a firm foundation in the fundamentals of Tai Chi and applying those fundamentals to the Yang Style Long Form.

The Center teaches Traditional Yang Family Style Tai Chi under the guidance of Sifu Lily Qin, a student of Grandmaster Lin Mogen (lineage: Yang Lu ch’an, Yang Jianhou, Yang Chengfu, Li Yaxuan, Lin MoGen, Qin Lili). The Yang style movements are slow, circular, gentle, stable, relaxed, and big-frame.

Advanced Group Practice

This is not a formal class, but rather a time for advanced students to practice the content taught by Sifu Lily Qin. It is most appropriate for students who have substantial experience with Yang style Tai Chi. Please contact any of the center’s teachers for details.

Sessions can include foundational exercises (e.g., standing zhang, walking zhang, foundational Tai Chi set), the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form, 54-posture Tai Chi sword, Lung Hsin Bagua Zhang form and Cha’an (Buddha) Tai Chi form.

Posture of the Week

This 30 minute practice session provides an in-depth look at and/or repetitive practice of a single posture or fundamental aspect of Tai Chi. It is designed to give participants an opportunity to reach a much deeper understanding of Tai Chi (Chuan). Postures are usually taken from the Yang family 108-Posture form but students with any background in Tai Chi will benefit and are welcome.

Advanced Concepts and Explorations

This class involves an extensive exploration of Tai Chi’s potential for integrated movement working closely with partners in a friendly and mutually supportive environment. Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves and to grow. In brief, this class is a forum where students take what they have learned in formal classes and play with it in real time, targeting personal awareness, self-­actualization, and flow in the context of a nurturing environment.

Class content may vary by session and will generally be guided by the interests of the group. Some learning threads may build for more than a year. There will be many opportunities to experiment and to explore.

Yang Style Sword (54-Posture)

This course is an introduction to Tai Chi sword. Students will learn the sequence of movements and be introduced to the energy flows and other intricacies of working with a weapon. Previous experience with Tai Chi is highly recommended. We train with wooden Jian Gim swords. Any non-wood sword must be approved by the instructor.

Cha’an (Buddha) Tai Chi

Sifu Lily Qin taught us this form several years ago. it comes from the Buddhist rather than the Taoist tradition and so is not part of the Tai Chi tradition passed on by the styles one hears about most often: Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, Wu Hao, Dong, etc. Based on experiencing kindness this form, like Tai Chi, also has martial roots.

Workshops and other events

Qigong workshops

Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise for healing and strengthening body and mind and preventing diseases. Qigong combines movement, meditation, and breathing as means of cultivating and enhancing the body’s natural internal energy (qi). Qigong workshops are offered at times, but not on a regular schedule.

Try Tai Chi

This workshop is offered free of charge twice a year to give newcomers a
chance to see if the practice of Tai Chi Chuan is something they wish
to pursue. Those who attend should wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes, and they may bring a water bottle or use our water cooler.